Elephant Who Spent A Lifetime In Captivity Has Heartbreaking Reaction When He’s Finally Free

The rescue took place overnight so nobody could interfere.


All creatures are meant to be free and have a fulfilling life. Sadly, many times because of humans and their cruelty many animals end up chained and spend many years of their life in captivity. 

Poor Raju, a loving elephant, never experienced freedom. All he knew of was the miserable life in chains. He led this kind of life for more than five decades. In the span of those fifty years, Raju was sold 27 times, and he would always end up with an owner that treated him like a piece of furniture that served its purpose already.

Raju would only eat what kind people gave him. Sadly, he was so starving and malnourished that he even ate the plastic and the paper in which the food was wrapped.

Thankfully, this was all about to change. 

The moment they heard of Raju and his sad fate, the Wildlife SOS, a North London based charity decided to step in. They organized for the rescue to take place overnight so that no one could interfere. The rescue team consisted of 10 veterinarians and wildlife experts, 20 members of the forestry department, and six police officers.

When he felt the chains were no longer on his feet, Raju felt relieved and cried tears of joy, and it was an incredible sight to witness.

“The team was astounded to see tears roll down his face during the rescue. It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed,” one of the rescuers said.

Unfortunately, Raju’s owner wasn’t willing to let the elephant leave with the rescuers and tried to provoke the scared animal which created a dangerous situation.

“He began to shout commands to terrify Raju — and try to provoke him. It created an incredibly dangerous situation as a bull elephant could snap a human like a tooth pick if he becomes afraid or angry. When that failed he then put a series of chains around his legs in an attempt to prevent us removing him, so viciously tight that they were cutting into his legs.”

But the rescuers were there to free Raju and nothing could stop them from doing that, even if that meant fighting with the cruel owner.

Raju was finally freed and was welcomed to the organization’s sanctuary. The rest of the elephants were happy to see another member of their kind there and embraced him as a part of their family.

“It will be a long rehabilitation process, but we will teach him that humans don’t mean pain and brutality, but it’s going to take time,” said Mr. Satyanarayan.

Sweet Raju will get to spend the rest of his life enjoying his freedom.

You can take a look at the incredible rescue in the video below.

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