Elephant Digs 11 Hours To Save Baby

This mother refused to give up until she found what she was looking for!


Mothers and their children share a special bond. You’ll see this amazing bond in animals throughout the animal kingdom. Animal mothers love their babies, and if their little ones are in trouble, they’ll go to any lengths to save them.

An elephant in India showed just how far a mother will go to save her child when her baby got trapped in a well.

When the mother realized her little one was stuck, the distraught elephant frantically dug through the mud, trying to free her baby. Unfortunately, in her panic, the elephant accidentally covered the baby in more mud, almost smothering him.

The elephant dug in the mud for eleven long hours.

She started digging at 8 PM and kept going until 9 AM. We can’t imagine how exhausted and scared the elephant was during that time, but despite that, she still kept going.

The elephant clearly worked as hard as she could to free her baby, but in the end, she couldn’t do it on her own. Thankfully, residents of a nearby village heard her distressed cries and came to her aid.

In the video below, you’ll see that most of the spectators stayed far away from the elephant, not attempting to help her with her digging. In the comments of the YouTube video, many people wondered why the spectators didn’t help the elephant. One commentator explained why:

Source: YouTube Comment Screenshot

Even though the spectators couldn’t approach the mother elephant, they were able to help her out.

They brought out a truck full of bananas and distracted the distressed mother. Then, they quickly removed the sand and freed the baby. The villagers moved out of the way, and the mother plucked her little one out of the ground with her trunk. After eleven long hours, the mother and her baby were reunited!

This mother elephant was determined to save her little one, and she refused to stop digging until her baby was finally free. Watch the whole rescue in the video below!

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