Elderly Woman Sentenced to Jail for Feeding Stray Cats in Her Neighborhood

Many believe this woman's punishment didn't fit the crime. What do you think?


Believe it or not, one 79-year-old woman got herself in trouble and was sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats. Luckily, she somehow avoided serving prison, but her story is now going viral.

Nancy Segula of Garfield Heights, Ohio, said it all started when one of her neighbors moved places and left his cats behind. As a result, the poor animals were left to fend for themselves and struggled to find any food, so Nancy stepped in and made sure they were fed at all times.

Little did she know that providing food for stray cats and dogs was illegal in her town.

Her neighbors didn’t like the idea of Nancy taking care of the poor felines and alerted the authorities about her breaking the law. This incident took place back in 2015 and since Nancy didn’t stop feeding the cats, she was given two-years probation in 2017.

City Law Director Tim Riley says that neighbors complained how the cats’ waste was often found in their yards so Nancy was forced to stop lending the poor souls a helping hand. That, however, didn’t last long.

“I would always feed them and care for them because I was worried about them and I’m a cat lover. Once my neighbors got upset about it, they called the animal warden,” she said.

It was determined how Nancy broke the law again and received a 10-day jail sentence in 2019. Again, authorities let her off the hook after she promised she would keep herself away from the stray animals, but her kind soul and the love she felt for them made her fail in keeping that promise. Her sentence was about to start on August 11, 2019. In the meantime, 22 cats were removed from her home.

“I’m sure people hear about the things that happen downtown in that jail. And they are going to let my 79-year-old mother go there?” said her son, Dave Pawlowski.

Nancy also believed the punishment she received was way too severe.

“It’s too much of a sentence for me for what I’m doing, when there are so many people out there that do bad things,” she said.

Luckily, Nancy was given the chance to plea her case in court again.

“Even though I love cats, I don’t want to have to get into any more trouble,” she said at Garfield Heights Municipal Court on Tuesday, according to WOIO.

“It began in 2017 with me feeding stray kitties. I used to have a neighbor that had a couple cats and he moved away, so he left them,” Segula told Fox 8 at the time. “I would always feed them and care for them because I was worried about them and I’m a cat lover.”

So far, it looks like this caring elderly lady is doing great at avoiding breaking the law again.

However, after her story went viral, it caused a stir and people’s opinions are divided. Some believe she should have never be punished for doing good deed for animals in need, while others say her age shouldn’t be a reason for avoiding serving her sentence.

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