Elderly woman gets visits from a stag each day but not everyone who has seen it is pleased

A truly unique friendship!


Humans and animals have always made great friends, but when it comes to those stunning creatures living in the wild, well, that’s a completely different story. However, the unlike friendship between an elderly woman from Aurland, Norway, named Mette Kvam and a stag that visits her twice a day is an example that people and the wild can bond at a completely new and often stunning level.

The stag pays Kvam a visit during the last couple of years, but people learned of it just recently after the photos of her feeding him went viral. 

“He stands outside my window wanting bread,” Mette said speaking to NRK.

Imagine being greeted by such amazing animal every single morning. It has to be truly special, don’t you think so?

The stag whom Mette named Flippen loves being around her and her house and the two are sort of celebrities in their hometown. 

“In April, he goes up into the mountains and comes down again in November. Always alone. And he stands here outside the window waiting for his cakes,” Mette told NRK.

However, not everyone is pleased by the fact that Flippen gets human food. Many criticized Mette saying how these wild animals can’t digest the food we consume and they are likely to get aggressive around humans who won’t offer them any snacks in the future.

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think of this ‘strange’ but cute friendship.