Dying Man’s Final Wish To See His Dog Again Is Moment People Will Never Forget

This touching story comes with a major tissue alert. ❤


Yurtie is an amazing dog that recently got a new family. When her human parents adopted her, they knew there was a touching story behind this dog’s life that witnesses how amazing pets, especially dogs, are.

Yurtie used to have another owner, a man called Kevin McClain who loved his dog very much. McClain was a homeless man so he and Yurtie lived in his car. But despite this devastating fact, they were both happy to have each other by their side.

However, something that will separate these two forever took place. The homeless man got ill with lung cancer. The condition was extremely severe and he was spending the last days of his life at the Mercy Medical Center and Hospice House.

But from the moment the paramedics rushed him to the hospital he was saying the same thing over and over again. He wanted to see his dog one more time before he said the final goodbye.

Meeting Yurtie again meant the world to this dying homeless man so the volunteers from the Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control, where the dog was, along with the hospital staff did their best to grant this poor man’s wish.

Everyone who witnessed the reunion of the two best friends and life companions described it as the most emotional and touching thing they’ve ever seen. The dog recognized her owner and started licking his hands and face. A couple of days later, Kevin McClain lost the battle with cancer.

Yurtie found happiness in her new home and her new owners describe her as loving and adorable. They are happy to have her around because they already know how devoted she is, and that she will never leave their side as she proved her loyalty before.

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