Dying Dog Thanks Girl for Giving Him the Best Last Day on Earth

Even if it was for a day, this incredible girl wanted the dying dog to feel special.


Stray animals spend most of their life all by themselves. Sadly, most of them leave this world in the same manner.

Sophiane Nacer is a 19-year-old girl and the founder Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue. She is a huge animal lover who would go above and beyond to see each animal thriving. So, when she learned of Hippo, a homeless dying dog covered in tumors, she put her mind to making his last days enjoyable and memorable. All this girl wanted was for Hippo to leave this world knowing he was loved, even for a day or two.

The first thing she needed to do was to adopt Hippo. So five days after she filled the papers in, Hippo was finally by her side. His condition was severe and treatment wasn’t an option. And although he was in pain, he could still experience what it felt like to be offered a nice meal and being taken for a walk at the park with the rest of the dogs.

Maybe for the first time ever, Hippo wagged his tail. Sophiane brought him to Starbucks and treated him the famous Puppuccino, a cup filled with whipped cream all dogs go crazy about. The next day was a day for a fun time at the park. Hippo enjoyed every minute of it, but he knew he couldn’t fight any longer as the pain he was feeling was unbearable.

Hippo stuck close to Sophiane as though he wanted to tell her he was ready to leave. She called a euthanasia vet specialist in her home who gave Hippo a roasted chicken sandwich with sedatives. Hippo munched on the food and laid by his girl’s side as he died painlessly and peacefully.

His passing was a tragic loss, but at least he crossed the rainbow bridge knowing someone cared for him, even if it was for just a couple of days.

I hope no dog out there would ever have to leave this world sad and alone.

You can take a look at Hippo’s story in the video below.

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