Dying Dog Gives Sweetest Goodbye To Grieving Owner After 12 Yrs Together.

Even as he nears his last days, he is the one comforting her


For the last 12 years Simba has been Mya Davis constant companion.  They have shared happiness, joys, and tears of her childhood. Now watching as she grew into a young woman. But Mya knows that the time has come and the two will need to say goodbye.

Her mother adopted Simba from a shelter in 2006,  he was already seven years old. There so many others who tugged on her heart strings but she knew as soon as she seen him that he was meant to be hers. Even stranger Simba,  rose up on his hind legs in a sort of greeting when he saw them.

The two had an instant connection.

Everyone, from family members, to friends, to complete strangers, loved this little guy.He was the cutest little ball of fluff that loved everyone, but he was especially fond of Mya.  The feeling was mutual.

“Simba means the absolute world to me and it breaks my heart watching him go through this. I do not know what I did to deserve such a loving and caring creature.”

Mya know at 19 years old that he can’t keep fighting much longer, he’s been strong for way to long.  So the last few weeks they have been providing him with as much comfort as possible.  Mya and Simba had a long time together but it was time to say goodbye. She talked to him slowly and let him know how much he meant to her and that she would never forget him.

“When I look at Simba, I see fight, hope, and strength. These past few weeks have been hard for me because I know that his time is near. He’s 19 years old (133 in dog years) and he’s still pushing. I’ve been given an option to euthanize my dog, but I believe that Simba deserves to die a natural death, in the home where he grew. In these final moments, I am making sure that he won’t be alone.

Telling him that it’s okay to let go. I can’t imagine how much pain he is in and I do not want him to stay on this earth and suffer because of the thought of his loved ones not being ready to let him go.

After I told him I would be okay, I began to cry, and that’s when he started to wipe my tears away with his head, and I was lucky enough to catch it on video.”

This bittersweet story has moved all of us to tears since the video was posted.  Pet lovers everywhere were sharing their stories of grieving their losses.

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