Dumped Dog Runs after His Owner’s Truck

She couldn't believe those owners could be so cruel.


Sometimes, it happens that pet owners can’t take care of the animals in their life any longer, and no matter how much we are mad at their decision of leaving them behind it’s always better to try and find them new homes or surrender them at shelter than dumping them like a piece of garbage.

A heartbreaking footage from Thailand shows a dog running after a vehicle after his owners threw him out of their car and their life.

The story behind the video was shared by Kat Jaroensuk who saw the poor animal chasing the silver pick-up driven by his owners.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Kat said, “I didn’t know how long this poor dog had been running after the car but I could see that he was running so fast that his legs were sore.”

“I honked at the truck to get their attention, but the driver did not seem to slow down. So, I accelerated my motorbike to knock on the window and told the couple inside that they were being followed by the dog.

“At first, I was being positive and helpful, because I really thought that they might really not know about it. 

But the answer Kat got was “Yeah, we don’t want it.” She then realized that poor dog was intentionally left behind.

Kat felt heartbroken. She couldn’t believe those owners could be so cruel.

“I was very sad and afraid for him. He could have been hit and killed by a car. If you know you can’t raise a pet at the first place, you shouldn’t leave him in a terrible condition like this.”

Below is the video Kat took.

Sadly, we don’t know what happened to the dog afterwards and whether someone offered him shelter and a place to stay. We hope he finds his happiness with a family that will never hurt him like this ever again.

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