Dumped Dog Keeps Running After Owner’s Car Believing They Forgot Him By Mistake

The confused and scared dog wouldn't stop running after his owner's car believing he was left there by mistake.


A heartbreaking footage of a poor dog being dumped at a parking lot surfaced online just recently and people are left outraged at the cruel owner.

The dog had no idea he was left there on purpose and believed his human family forgot him by mistake. It was then that he started clinging on and running after the car.

The incident took place in West Springfield, Massachusetts and the police is now trying to track the neglectful owner down.

The owner could be seen taking the dog out of the trunk and placing him down. Confused and puzzled, the sweet animal runs around him, but the owner gets into the car and starts driving.

How cruel one has to be in order to do such horrific thing to a powerless animal?

Thankfully, the dog managed to get on the side of the road, away from all the vehicles that could easily hurt him. Eventually, animal services were contacted and the dog was taken to safety.

The owner risked the dog’s life and he deserves to be punished for being cruel and neglectful. All we hope is that he will be brought to justice as soon as possible.

You can take a look at the dog chasing his owner’s car in the video below. Heartbreaking, indeed.

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