Duck Robs Cat Of His Treats – Cat’s Revenge Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

This cat is too funny!


Cats make ideal pets, and this guy knows that best. He and his adorable friend have a relationship like no other. Every day of their life is filled with laughter, fun adventures, and hilarious pranks. These two are never bored and know how to enjoy life to the fullest.

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When Aaron adopted sweet Michael, he had no clue they’ll become inseparable. They live in Los Angeles and the warm weather lets them hang out outdoors most of the time, which is where they have their escapades.

Most of Michael’s adventures are caught on tape and it all started when Aaron realized his cat is a barrel of laughs when his friend asked him to watch for his rabbit one afternoon. The cat’s behavior was sort of amusing, because it was obvious he was jealous of the poor rabbit and wasn’t afraid to show it. It made Aaron laugh so hard that he decided to make the first video.

In his work, Aaron re-imagines the life of his cat. The below video could be one of the best cat videos we’ve seen lately. Michael’s food is stolen by some ducks and now the cat undergoes a mission of revenge.

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As Aaron and Michael enjoy the sun sitting on a bench in the nearby park, a flock of ducks approaches the cat and leaves with his Goldfish. The poor cat is left without his treat and that’s when he puts his mind into getting even with the thieves.

First, the cat tries to get the food back all by himself and jumps into the water, but quickly realizes that cats don’t like water and don’t really know how to swim, and instantly regrets the poor decision.

But he is not about to give up because he knows his mission is possible with the help of his human buddy who is always ready to help. What they do next makes us burst out laughing. Get ready for the best part.

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Aaron comes up with the ultimate revenge. Using a boogie board for a base, a lawn chair for a seat, and a leaf blower for an engine, he creates a machine that will help Michael take back what belongs to him.

Once Michael in in the water, the ducks are terrified and quickly swim away aware they can’t defeat the great cat with the craziest engine. He knows he got this battle.

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The cat manages to grab his Goldfish and makes sure the ducks learn not to mess with him ever again.

The video will definitely brighten your day as Aaron’s creativity is simply incredible.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

This is only one of the many amusing videos Aaron shoots. His cat Michael can be seen in many roles Aaron comes up with using his vivid imagination. We simply can’t wait to see more of the adventures these two have together.

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