Donkey With Voice Like An Opera Singer ‘Serenades’ The Man Who Brings Her Treats

This donkey's voice is one of the most amazing we’ve ever heard!


About two years ago, a man named Martin Stanton encountered a very special donkey that was living on the farm he passed by on his way home. He had some treats with him and he thought it would be nice if he shared them with the animal. The donkey was more than happy to accept the food so Martin decided to stop by the next day and bring his new animal friend some carrots. 

Martin Stanton

It was then that Stanton learnt the donkey was a jennet named Harriet and that she loved ginger biscuits.

He even made friends with Harriet’s owner who was fine with Stanton spending time on his farm and bringing the donkey a bunch of treats. 

“Oh, she’s so spoilt,” Stanton said, speaking of Harriet. “I’ve been visiting her for over a year now and I always bring her treats!”

Stanton also met Harriet’s baby named Bobby and he loves spending time with this sweet little family. 

During one of the latest Stanton’s visits of the farm, something really  incredible happened. After Harriet ate the treats, she decided to thank her friend in a very special way; by singing to him. 

The moment she opened her mouth, a high-pitched voice filled the air. Harriet’s vocal resembled that of a skilled opera singer and it left Stanton surprised. 

“That was the first time I’ve heard her sing,” he said. “I couldn’t stop laughing. She’s totally adorable. So friendly and gentle.”

And as if her cute performance wasn’t enough to make this man’s day, Harriet took a bow at the end and it was beyond adorable to witness.

It doesn’t really comes as a surprise that Stanton’s video has been seen more than a million times.

Well, it’s not every day that we hear donkeys singing, right?

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