Tiny Donkey Wants to be a Clydesdale, Explains His Case in a Video That Has Viewers in Stitches

This is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.


We can all agree that commercials are quite boring, especially when they pop up in the middle of our favorite TV show or movie. But we have to agree even more that this doesn’t apply to the best ads we’ve ever seen; those of Budweiser and the famous Clydesdales. What’s most, we even love these commercials so much that we are all eagerly waiting to see what the company will surprise us with each time. 

The one below is a pretty old one but as every other Budweiser’s ad, it’s iconic too.

It shows the life of a cute donkey that wants to be part of the group of gorgeous Clydesdales. 

He’ll do anything it takes to be one of the horses, and that involves practicing the elegant walking and even some hair extensions. 

Finally, he got his five minutes of glory when he met the horses for an interview. When they asked him what makes him think he can be one of them, he’s got just the answer. 

If you want to heart what it is, check the video below. You’ll love it!

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