Pit Bulls Left To Die In A Filthy Home Wag Their Tails When They See Man There To Save Them

Why don't people understand that having a dog is for life?


Two Pit Bulls were waiting and waiting for someone to save them after their family left them behind.

Guardians of Rescue The men and women of Guardians of Rescue are used to saving dogs from terrible situations.

But a call they received earlier this month still broke their hearts — two pit bulls, a boy and a girl, had been left all alone in an empty house after their family moved out.

“The people had been evicted,” Frankie Floridia, the director of field operations for the Long Island-based rescue, told The Dodo. “They left one in a crate and one just roaming the house.”

Concerned neighbors called Floridia and his team about the two dogs who were anxiously barking away in the empty home. When he arrived he found a terrible scene — nervous dogs and filth everywhere. The only reason the dogs weren’t starving was because neighbors had been throwing in food for them through an open window.

In the short video clip below, Frankie walks into the home and sees the dogs for the first time. “This is how we found them … Alone in an empty house scared and defeated…the conditions of the house were terrible,” describes Frankie. “Good thing we got there before something bad happened to them.”

Floridia entered the home carefully. “The male was a little hesitant but welcomed me a little bit,” he said.

But as soon as Floridia freed the dogs and took them outside on leashes, “they were completely different dogs … happy, wagging their tails,” he said.

Both dogs were eager to be loving, happy pets — they just hadn’t had the chance. “There’s so many people out there that don’t treat animals like family,” Floridia said. Now these two rescues are finally getting the treatment they deserve.

The girl, whose new name is Sky, has already found her forever home — and the boy, now named Max, is happily settled in with a caring foster family.

It’s happy endings like these that make it possible for Florida to keep doing such heartbreaking rescue work, every day. “These animals don’t have a voice, so we’re the voice for them,” he said. “It’s so rewarding.”

If it were not for the Good Samaritans who helped alert Guardians of Rescue,  Max and Sky may have had a very different ending. As Frankie says, “Together we save them!”

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