Dog’s Hilarious Reaction After Making Extremely Poor Decision


In life, we often find ourselves in positions when we have to make choices. And choosing the right thing is not always easy, especially if we are hesitant in nature. Most of the time, even when we make a choice we won’t know whether it was the right thing to do unless we wait for the time to tell. But, sometimes we may even feel instant regret, as in the case of the lovely Dunkin who is not that good at making right choices.

Dunkin shares a Facebook account with his friend Kirby, and he is indeed one intelligent dog.

His owner tries to play a trick on him and the dog’s reaction is simply priceless. Even though we feel pity it’s still sort of a hilarious situation that we can watch over and over again and never get tired of it.

In the video below, Dunkin is presented with two choices. His human buddy asks from Dunkin to choose one fist. In the one he chooses there is a nice treat and the dog seems happy with his choice, until the owner opens the other fist. Wait until you see what this poor dog missed.

It’s beyond interesting to watch the dog’s face when he realizes he could have had a bunch of treats if only he had chosen the other fist. Except for the sad expression he makes, Dunkin really knows how to gracefully accept the ‘defeat.’ But, there is always next time, and Dunkin knows that. And until then, you can check his Facebook page and enjoy the videos and pictures of Dunkin and his fellow friend.

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