Dogs Were Freezing In The Snow, But Kind Shop Owners Let Them In


The dogs finally had access to shelter..

Winter approached the lands of Istanbul, Turkey – but warmth was still there. During a recent snowstorm, Locals worked together to make sure animals stay warm in the Atrium Mall located in the Bakirkoy neighborhood of Istanbul. And it starts by opening the mall’s doors.

Ali Çelik had spotted the group of stray dogs along the halls of the shopping arcade. He was on his way to work, but stopped to check on the dogs that were resting outside various shops. At least 3 shoppers were with the dogs, providing the pooches with cardboard mats to sleep on as well as some blankets to protect them against the harsh cold. They even made sure that the dogs had some food to munch on!

He posted a photo online, which warmed the hearts of locals and netizens. “There was a big snow storm in Istanbul. This photo was taken today at Atrium mall Bakirkoy in Istanbul. Saw that one lady was feeding them? I said let me take your picture with the dogs. She said ‘No need. Take only them.’ She is my hero,” the post describes.

Kind-hearted people would tuck them in, making sure that the dogs are warm enough to sleep comfortably throughout the cold winter night.

And sure enough, they did.

Some passer-bys are even kind enough to provide handmade shelter boxed ‘kennels’ for stray dogs along the streets of Istanbul!

Local women’s clothing shop Penti also opened up its doors and welcomed quite a few animals in, while customers were still inside! A photograph of three dogs sitting at the entrance with other shoppers went viral on Facebook, courtesy of the store’s manager. The post read: “Don’t forget that only true love warms.”

The kind act of providing shelter however, isn’t exclusive to dogs – cats are treated kindly, too!

A man named Selçuk Bayal owns a small café in Istanbul – but he had welcomed 12 stray cats inside his store to shield them from the winter cold! Selçuk did not worry that his act of kindness would scare off potential customers but instead, emphasizes that the most important thing was to make sure that these animals had a place to rest for the night.

Such acts of kindness shown to animals worldwide is extremely touching to see – bravo!

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