Dogs Deemed Unadoptable Go To Special Center For Help

They said this dog was unadoptable. But what they do with her is unbelievable!


Humane Society International has done so much for animals in need. They fight for their rights and save them from neglectful owners. They also help dogs escape the faith of being slaughtered for their meat. Kaya and Robin were saved from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

These dogs have spent most of their days in inhumane conditions and never experienced what it feels like to be loved and cared for. So, after they were finally set free, they didn’t know hot to behave around other dogs or humans. Both of them were categorized as unadoptable.

Luckily, dogs like Kaya and Robin are getting a second chance in life thanks to the loving staff of the ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in Madison, New Jersey. These people are willing to give the dogs as much time as they need in order to start feeling confident in the company of people. They are shown affection and are taught how to play, and how to enjoy the outdoors. 

With a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience, under-socialized and frightened dogs learn how to interact with humans. The behavioral healing they receive help them prepare for the life in their new forever homes.  

Take a look at the whole story of Kaya and Robin and learn more about the mission of ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in the video below. 

What these people do for the sake of the dogs’ well-being is truly incredible. 

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