Dogs Bark To Wake Their Owners at 4:30 Am, Leading Them To Call 911

“She must have been terrified."


These two dogs are so alert!

When a Michigan couple were fast asleep one night, two dogs they owned suddenly started barking incessantly – at around 4:30 a.m in the morning. At first, the two Labradoodles, Adam and Eva, just barked madly and tried hard to wake up their owners, Susan and Lonnie Chester. Lonnie was awakened by their barking, got up, and went outside in the freezing cold to investigate what the two canines were signalling him to. Immediately, he realized that it was a person who needed help.

Both Adam and Eva began to get intensely restless in their room where the couple slept, which was something that was definitely out of the ordinary for the two to behave like that all of a sudden.

While unable to get their owners out of bed by merely barking, Adam started to tug at Lonnie’s sleeves. Adam was so persistent that even Lonnie could not ignore him for long. Eventually, the man followed the two anxious dogs, who rushed towards the front door. The dogs rested their body weight against the door, and wanted to rush out. This caused Lonnie to realize that there might be probably something wrong outside.

When Lonnie opened the door, Adam and Eva bolted out at top speed. They ran all the way to a abandoned driveway, where a woman laid on the ground. Wearing just a nightgown and motionless, the woman shivered in the icy cold of about 9 degrees Fahrenheit / -13 degrees Celsius. It was merely 4:30 a.m when Lonnie recognized the woman – she was their 89-year-old neighbor!

Lonnie quickly helped the elderly woman back inside their house, wrapped her in blankets and then called 911. The paramedics arrived along with the elderly woman’s family, who were searching for her all this time.

Susan estimated that their poor neighbor had been outside in the bitter cold for at least about 20 minutes without any shelter. Susan also added that the old woman had frostbite on one foot, but she is currently doing fine. The couple are proud of their dogs, and credit their intuitive instinct which ending up saving the elderly woman’s life.

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