Dog Who Was Never Loved Refuses To Let Her New Dad Go Out Of Her Sight

She was all alone and clueless- but he has the best family now!


The tough life some dogs experience leaves deep mark and prevents them from being able to feel happiness ever again. This is very sad, especially when the dogs’ painful past is a result of humans’ neglect. Blu is a deaf Pit Bull who was kept in a tiny room her whole life. This pup has never experienced love or what it feels like for someone to care. 

Her owners finally decided they would place her at a shelter, but her faith there was sealed. She was put on the ‘death list.’ Luckily, the rescuers from Family Dog Rescue decided to take her under their wing and help her find new owners. 

Many people visited the place, but no one ever wanted to adopt Blu. Maybe it was her deafness that rejected them from her. However, the impairment she had didn’t stop Sean Stevens from loving her unconditionally. 

“[The rescue volunteers] let us know that she didn’t get very many visitors because of her deafness and some behavioural issues which can make walking her slightly difficult,” Stevens said. “She doesn’t really know how to interact with other dogs. She gets very excited, and because she is deaf she can’t hear when they start growling or barking at her to stop.”

Despite the warnings he got from the rescuers, Stevens somehow knew he was making the right choice adopting Blu. 

“It was pretty immediately after meeting her that we fell for her,” Stevens said. “Blu is such a sweet girl and we both recognized that once she went to a good home her personality would blossom.”

Blu loved taking walks and spending time outdoors, but whenever she was inside the house, her attitude would immediately change. She would become anxious and wouldn’t stop staring at her dads. 

“She would refuse to look away from us even though she was obviously exhausted,” Stevens said. “We knew she was tired because she wasn’t trying to get us to play with her tennis ball or with the stack of toys that we got for her, but was instead sitting and staring at us.”

Blu’s behavior was strange. She refused going to sleep despite feeling extremely exhausted and sleepy. Asking the Reddit community for help, her owners explained how she was scared of falling asleep because she believed they would return her back to the shelter. 

It was all very odd. The dog would always find a place from where she would have a clear view of her dads. 

“Recently, she has started to get a bit agitated with us whenever we don’t go to sleep when she wants to,” Stevens said. “She has started to walk in circles barking at nothing in particular until we go lay in bed with her. Once we are in bed she will curl up at the bottom of the bed and watch us until we turn the lights out.”

Sharing a bed with Stevens and Marc is what makes sweet Blu happy. 

“When it is time to wake up she gets extremely excited and her tail wags really hard almost slapping her face,” Stevens noted. “It’s probably the cutest thing in the world.”

Slowly, but steadily, Blu is able to put her former life in the past and enjoy the present surrounded by people who care. 

“She’s a stubborn and loyal dog who is starting to be a little more vulnerable with us,” Stevens said. “She lets us pet her belly now, which she wouldn’t do at the start.”

“It’s a day at a time sort of life for her,” Stevens added. “And every day gets easier for her to realize that she has found a home.”

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