Dog Was Previously Unwanted — But Look At Him Now

He was left outside without food or water and he was chained to the car bumper. Now that he was safe, how could rescuers convince him that he deserved the best life possible?


His owner didn’t want him anymore…

A local rescue group called Feed Friends Foundation received a call about a dog who needed their help. They were told that the dog’s owner planned to dump the dog as he was too skinny and had skin problems. The rescue responded quickly and dispatched rescuers to that owner’s home. When they got there, they found the dog chained up to an old car outside the house. The poor dog was severely emaciated and only had a coconut to chew on. Although the dog was timid and apprehensive of the rescuers, he slowly started to wag his tail when they came closer. The rescuers named the dog “Mickey”, and immediately brought him to the vet for medical help.

At the vet, the rescuers were relieved to hear that Mickey was generally in good health, aside from being emaciated. He was also estimated to be in-between 6 months to 1 year old. The rescue group soon found a suitable foster for Mickey, who showered him with plenty of TLC and love.

As time went by, Mickey’s skin condition improved continuously until he made a full Mickey even had other dogs to play with, and finally felt what it was like to have a family. recovery. As he had fully recovered, it was time for Mickey to be placed into his forever home.

As Mickey had a sweet personality, it didn’t take long for him to find a suitable family. Not long after, a family adopted Mickey and welcomed him into their family. Mickey is currently living happily with his family and no longer has to fear of being unwanted anymore!

Take a look at Mickey’s amazing transformation below:


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