Husky Caught On Security Cameras Stealing Her Own Christmas Present From Grocery Store


He just casually walked into a store…

Dogs are more intelligent than we think. Most people would think that dogs would not dare to enter a grocery store on their own, but this dog is the exact opposite! On February 2008, a video surveillance footage of a dog entering a grocery store was recorded. Although seeing a dog walking into a store is nothing special, but what the dog did afterwards had the whole staff talking about it. The dog bravely walked straight to the dog food section of the store, picked up a bone into his mouth, and simply ran out. The staff who watched the surveillance video were amused and surprised that a dog could do such a thing.

The “bone robbery” soon gained people’s attention and went viral quickly. A year later in 2009, the dog in the video was identified. According to a local news station, the culprit was actually an 11-year-old husky named Akira.

Akira’s owners said that their dog would often leave their property in Utah and wander off on his own, so the fact that he had wandered into a grocery store all by himself was no surprise to them.

What was surprising was that Akira actually lives almost 6 miles away from the grocery store! When Akira went to the grocery store to steal a bone, he actually traveled almost 12 miles as he had made a round trip! After his identity had been confirmed by the local news, Akira and his owners returned to the grocery store to pay for the bone that he stole.


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