Dog Waited Weeks For Owners — After Wildfire

'When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood....Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home.'


They hoped and prayed that he would be okay.

After the devastating Camp Fire in California, many have fled their homes, taking whatever they could gather at the last minute or the bare minimum in the short period of time they had left to do so. In the midst of all the chaos, many people chose to save their pets over their belongings.

However, those who were either away, at work or somewhere else had to painfully endure the agonizing wait to find out if their homes and beloved furry companions were alright after the disaster. One family had a happy ending for their story as their dogs had survived despite the odds. Meet Madison and Miguel, and they are large off-white guardian dogs.

Their breed is perhaps the most well-known for being family ‘guardians’ or for ‘livestock’ – they are intensely loyal and protective of their loved ones and property.

The two are not wandering dogs or the type who would venture out on their own – they were very obedient and loyal. So much so that they remained at the burned down camp at all costs! After Miguel was found and captured by a rescue group, he had eventually made it back to his owner Andrea Gaylor – but Madison was nowhere in sight.

The owners of the two dogs had been unable to get home on time when the Camp Fire hit. Fortunately, some good Samatarians in the area kept an eye on Madison and tried to keep him alive.

Almost one month after the fires, his owners went back to their charred property — and he was there waiting for them. Thanks to Shayla Sullivan, a rescue worker who had very kindly volunteered to undertake the responsibility of caring for Madison until his owners came back for him, Madison was home once again!

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