Dog Who Was Tortured And Burnt By Electrical Shocks Finds A Forever Home

Look at how beautiful she is now!


The dog overcame all odds to survive!

In Houston, Texas, one dog was photographed in a horrible state, and the picture was posted on social media. The dog was found on the northeast side of Houston, Texas. The area notoriously known as a dumping ground for pets, dubbed the “Corridor of Cruelty” by locals. The weak and undernourished dog suffered multiple chemical burns after being shot by a BB pellet gun, and tortured by continuous electric shocks. The brutality enforced on her had caused the dog’s fur to be burned and tattered. The social media image caught the attention of  many, including Patty from Austin Pets Alive who assisted in getting help to rescue the dog.

Thanks to Corridor Rescue Inc., rescuers were surprised to find that no one had helped the poor abused dog. But the dog was not alone – she had a puppy! The team then named the dog Pumpkin, and her puppy was Itty Bitty. Both Pumpkin and her puppy were found to be seriously undernourished, with their bodies all covered with fleas.

One woman named Ayesha Mohiuddin has been named as the one responsible for getting Pumpkin and her pup off the streets according to Deborah Hoffman, founder of Corridor Rescue Inc. (CRI). The non-profit organization was initiated to help stray animals who lived on the North East side of Houston, Texas – between I-59 and Little York.

Pumpkin and Itty Bitty were so weak that they had to be under intensive care. The team of vets treated their wounds as best as they could, and tried to nurse them both back to health. Showered with tender care, Pumpkin miraculously pulled through and survived, However, little Itty Bitty did not. She was too weak, dying shortly after the Pumpkin came around – due to undernourishment.

Six weeks after the rescue, Pumpkin is now all healed up and has successfully transformed! She was once a dirty and shabby dog, but now she is an adorable dog with a beautiful white fur coat! Her loving forever home is with a local dog lover, named Kelly Williams.

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