Dog Thrown Off the Bridge In a Multi-Car Crash, Yelps for Help as He Hits Water

The dog lost his strength and had a hard time keeping himself afloat. The rescue crew risked their lives and jumped in the water to attempt a daring rescue.


When the Virginia Marine Police got a call about a multi-car collision, they had no idea the incident would turn into a dog rescue mission. Believe it or not, the major crash resulted in a dog being ejected from one of the vehicles. The poor animal was thrown off the bridge and ended up in the water.

The accident took place at the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel in Suffolk.

The German Shepherd named Kenji had no idea what happened to him. He only knew he had to gather strength and stay afloat until someone came to his rescue. However, swimming was not an option as the heavy currents caused even greater trouble.

His owner and some other passersby tried to retrieve Kenji by hanging over the bridge, but to no avail. He was too far from their reach and his time was running.

Once the officers came to the scene, they arranged for a boat to rescue the terrified animal who was fighting for his life. It took the rescuers more than half an hour, but they finally managed to bring Kenji to safety. Despite the strong currents, these brave people helped save a life.

Sweet Kenji was so happy to be on land that he gave one of the officers a kiss on the cheek.

Although this whole experience was very traumatizing for Kenji, he didn’t got hurt and was soon reunited with his owners who were worried-sick for his life.

The reason for the crash remains unknown and the police is still investigating.

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