Dog That Was Surrendered Doesn’t Understand Why He Wasn’t Good Enough for His Family

"Ever wonder what a broken heart looks like? Well there you have it." đź’”


What makes owners give up on their dogs of many years? When the poor animals are surrendered at shelters, the families come up with a bunch of lame excuses. One dog’s humans said how their six-year-old canine Hunter didn’t bond with the puppy they adopted so they decided to abandon him.

The staff at Houston Humane Society were shocked to hear the reason why that precious dog was left behind.

Hunter was heartbroken. He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t around his family any longer. Instead, he was at a strange place, surrounded by people he didn’t know.

One of the first people at the shelter who met Hunter was volunteer Randi Bertholet. The moment this woman looked into Hunter’s eyes, she could see the desperation that filled his huge heart.

“When I walked up to the kennel, at first I didn’t even see a dog in there, until I looked in the corner. I saw him frozen in fear, trying to make himself invisible,” Randi told The Dodo. “I immediately sat on the floor, turned away from him, waiting for him to come to me. After a few minutes he cautiously approached me.”

Hunter somehow knew he could trust Randi and didn’t hide his emotions. Randi shared the video of him breaking down and wrote: “Ever wonder what a broken heart looks like? Well there you have it.”

Hunter’s condition made everyone around sad. They all hoped they would be able to find him a forever home as soon as possible so that he could start his life over.

Thankfully, the video of him kissing Randi made many families call the shelter and fill in adoption applications.

In no time, The Houston Humane Society shared some great news:

“Hunter has a forever family! We posted a video so you all can meet them!”

“We have exciting news! Our sweet Hunter has found his forever family! Thank you to everyone that took the time to share his story. And thank you especially to Larry, David, and Dolly for opening their hearts and home to Hunter.”

Hunter found his happiness again, this time with people who will never abandon him, and we can’t be happier.

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