Dog Takes The Bus By Herself Everyday — To The Dog Park


This dog is simply amazing!

Meet a dog named Eclipse, who has not always been this independent and self-sufficient. Why, you may ask? She rides the local bus all by herself – and she had started doing so ever since one day by chance. Accompanied by her owner, Jeff Young, the pair had been going to the park together ever since Eclipse was a young pup. However, the 2-year-old Labrador had already jumped on the bus while Jeff was distracted.

To her owner’s dismay, the bus took off without him! He hurriedly followed behind by waiting for and taking the next bus. Thankfully, Eclipse got off at the correct stop, and was already there waiting for him! According to Jeff, Eclipse is especially fond of the seats next to the window so that she would be able look outside, admire the scenery and lets her recognize which stop to alight at.

Eventually, Jeff trusts Eclipse enough to allow her to take the bus herself – all the way to the dog park whenever she wants to! He describes her akin to a “people person”, as his dog loves to interact with the other passengers during her bus rides. One local DJ even snapped a selfie with Eclipse, just because he could not believe what he was seeing before his very eyes!

Today, Eclipse still takes the bus to her favorite dog park by herself. If you’re lucky, you might even spot her boarding the bus! How intelligent and independent she is!

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