This Dog Was Supposed To Be Euthanized, But The Vet Decided To Save Him Instead!


It was a miracle.

In Rock Hill, South Carolina, a 5 year old puppy named Deebo had been brought to the Lesslie Animal Hospital by his owner and whom then requested for Deebo to be put down. The owner and the vet, Dr. Eric Setzer stated that he had received a call earlier that a 5 year old dog was coming to the animal hospital to be euthanized as he had a tumor on his face. This caught his attention immediately as it was uncommon for 5 year old dogs to be euthanized.

When Deebo had arrived at the animal hospital, Dr. Setzer could see that he was in a bad condition. Deebo was abnormally thin, suffering from a skin condition and ear infections. Contrary to what his owner had told Dr. Setzer, Deebo had many abscesses on his face, not a tumor. Deebo was also tested heart-worm positive.

Even though Deebo’s health problems were treatable, his owner had claimed that she could not afford it and insisted to euthanize him. So Dr. Setzer persuaded her to sign Deebo over to the animal hospital and contacted the Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue, a local animal rescue group. They agreed to help to raise funds for Deebo’s medical bills and find him a forever home.

Due to his condition, Deebo had to stay at the animal hospital for about 3 weeks to receive treatment. During his stay at the animal hospital, Deebo spent a lot time bonding with his savior, Dr. Setzer. According to Dr. Setzer, Deebo is a very loving and sweet dog who enjoys being petted.

Deebo was not the only animal that Dr. Setzer had saved from euthanasia. In 2014, Dr. Setzer saved a pit bull mix named Snoop from euthanasia when his owner did not want to pay for his leg amputation surgery and decided to euthanize him instead. Dr. Setzer had also persuaded his owner to sign Snoop over to the animal hospital and adopted him!

Last year, Dr. Setzer had also saved a cat named Ollie. Like Snoop, Ollie’s owner refused to pay for a leg amputation surgery and was signed over to the animal hospital. Dr. Setzer’s daughter, Carly Setzer later adopted Ollie as her pet.

Even though Dr. Setzer is always willing to rescue an animal-in-need, he emphasized that pet owners need to ensure that they are financially capable to take care of their pets. He mentioned that Deebo’s owner had a total of 3 animals and that she would be capable to afford his treatments if she only had Deebo.

Deebo will be spending an additional two more weeks in a foster home to recover. After that, he will be available for adoption. According to Suzanne Blocker, vice president and co-founder of Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue, Deebo is a friendly dog and loves to snuggle.

If you are interested to adopt Deebo, please contact the Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue. You can also lend a helping hand to Deebo’s recovery by donating to the rescue group.

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