Dog Spotted Covered in Snow in an Open Truck Bed Driving Down the Road

Apparently, it's legal to have a dog in the back of a truck even with the tailgate down, but this case could still be considered animal cruelty.


People are left outraged after a photo of a dog in the back of a truck covered in snow spread all over the social media. It’s not clear who took the photo or how long this poor animal had been laying there. But, it certainly raised the question of the dog’s security. Not only the weather was severe, but the tailgate of the truck was down as well.

And as if the sight wasn’t disturbing enough, what authorities had to say of the whole thing made us even more furious. Apparently, keeping your dog in the back of the truck in this manner and under these conditions is legal.

However, the Colorado State Patrol said that in order for this to be considered animal cruelty, other things such as the wind chill, the dog’s breed, and the dog’s appearance should also be taken into consideration.

“The law is not cut and dry on this but the driver could be cited with a violation of animal cruelty if there was enough evidence,” they wrote in a statement.

Dr. Missy Tasky, owner at the Gentle Touch Animal Hospital spoke of the case and said, “legal or not, this is wrong.” She also added that compared to other breeds, the Malamutes are able to withstand extremely cold weather, but yet, spending time covered in snow when the temperatures are 16 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 0 degrees it’s very likely for any dog to suffer frostbites and hypothermia.

State Patrol added that “it’s ultimately a judgement call by troopers or officers to determine whether or not it is animal cruelty.”

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