Dog And Dolphin Play Adorable Game Of Hide And Seek

Their adorable interaction has taken the world by storm!

Source: Captiva Island Fishing Charters

Friendships between animals are just an incredible thing to witness, especially when they’re quite unlikely friendships between two very different species! Some footage has shown up of an adorable pup who suddenly spotted a dolphin on the water during a boat trip and the majestic navy animal was more than happy to say hello.


The interactions between these two new best friends are just so incredibly cute to watch.

It’s as if this dog and dolphin duo had known each other for years!

When the pup came closer to the edge of the boat and tried to say hello, it seemed like these two animal friends were playing a friendly game of ‘hide and seek’.


The footage was captured by adventurer Eileen McGunagle, who was taking a small charter trip near Captiva Island, Southwest Florida. The beautiful waters and the incredible sights make it seem like the trip is absolutely worth it, but it’s this dog and dolphin duo that delivered the most memorable moment of all.

Source: Captiva Island Fishing Charters

The owner of the charter trip company, Cliff Gilchrist, was also on the boat and he took his cute dog with him. The pup is named Lucy, and she’s a three-year-old mix between a Rottweiler and a Husky. The man calls her his first mate and the two regularly go on sailing adventures together. Lucy and Cliff have been doing this ever since the pup was just six months old.

Source: Captiva Island Fishing Charters

“She’s my best friend,” Cliff told Naples Daily News. “She has been coming since she was six months old when we got her,” Gilchrist said.

And you can definitely tell that Lucy is no stranger to the water!

Source: Cliff Gilchrist

In fact, the cute pup isn’t afraid to take a dive into the water whenever she spots a dolphin and her owner knows that she’ll always safely swim back to the boat. On the land or on the sea, there’s just no escaping this dog’s cuteness. According to Cliff, his loyal four-footer can perfectly hold her balance and she’s never fallen overboard, although she does love to jump out on occasion.

Source: Happiest

The pup also likes spending time off the water along with her owner, and she loves riding in golf carts too.

“She seems to like the boat,” the owner mentions. “Although she may like golf cart rides better. She gets super excited for that.”

Source: Captiva Island Fishing Charters

Lucy has met plenty of dolphins in the beautiful Florida waters, but she’s taken quite a liking to one dolphin in particular: Gus. The pup’s owner gave the friendly dolphin this name after he noticed the two getting close together. While you might think that these two animals wouldn’t have anything in common, you can see that their bond is uniquely amazing.

Source: Captiva Island Fishing Charters

One thing is certain: a charter trip is certainly something special, especially when Lucy is around! You can check out the adorable friendship between Lucy and Gus in the video below.

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