Dog spends 12 years in a puppy mill, gets rescued and lies on a bed for the first time

She never knew what it felt like to be loved until the moment she was rescued from the horrific place.


The number of dogs who are forced to live in puppy mills for the sake of breeding is enormous. It is estimated that there are around 10,000 places like this across the territory of the United States where around 200,000 innocent animals live in horrendous conditions. 

Lily, a sweet and scared puppy, is just one of them. This poor soul spent 12 years of her life locked in a tiny cage. She was only given food and water enough to survive, and she had never experienced love or kindness.  

In fact, she was born at the puppy mill and had never seen the sun or knew of the world outside the cage and the walls of the place. 

The sad reality is that those puppies that families buy and look beyond adorable are often taken from mothers like Lily. That is why we should always consider adoption over buying dogs when we decide to welcome a canine in our life. 

Luckily, after 12 long years, Lily’s destiny was about to change. She was taken from the horrific place and could finally experience what it feels like to be free. 

Lily was taken to the vet and was given her first bath ever. But the doctors determined she was severely neglected and bred so many times that her tiny body was fragile and sore. 

Her new surrounding made Lily even more confused. She could sense things were very different but was uncertain of what was awaiting for her in the days to come. 

After so long, Lily could take a nap in a comfortable bed.

She couldn’t believe that the bed was for her. So after sniffing it for some time, she finally got closer and laid down. It had to be a feeling to remember. 

The story of Lily was uploaded on YouTube and people couldn’t help but express their happiness for the happy ending this lovely dog got. 

We hope that Lily will soon be adopted by a family that will show her the love she deserves. As for now, she can enjoy her happy days and take some time for herself. 

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