Dog Shares A Heartwarming Reunion With His Family After 20 Months



He had been missing for so long…

Gunnar, a golden retriever-collie mix, took the chance to bolt out of his home when a gate was accidently left unlocked by a careless delivery man. The family’s other dog, Shooter, was initially with Gunnar when they ran out together but returned home later on. Their owner, Joseph Karl, was dismayed to see that Gunnar was still missing and tried his best to locate him. But his search was a futile effort and ended up as a failure. At that period of time, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Animal Care and Control began receiving phone calls about a stray dog who resembled Gunnar at a nearby park. At first, the officers tried to lure Gunnar with food and then attempted to catch him with a humane trap. But Gunnar had managed to outsmart the officers and evaded capture every single time.

Although they failed to capture Gunnar, they would leave some sandwiches for him in the park in order to prevent him from starving. But when winter came, the officers knew they had to try harder to get Gunnar to safety. To locate him, they would track him down by looking for Gunnar’s paw prints in the snow and left food for him. Although Gunnar had stopped trying to escape from the officers, he still would not go near them or any humane traps.

Meanwhile, the Karl family never gave up hope. They hung posters around the neighborhood and spread the word about Gunnar’s disappearance on social media and in the newspapers. They also kept in contact with local animal shelters just in case Gunnar was surrendered to any of them. After nearly 2 years, Gunnar was still sighted by the community. Some them even left food and opened garage doors for him during that time.

One day, Gunnar was finally caught in a humane trap successfully and was brought to a local shelter, where he was scanned for a microchip as he had lost his collar and identification tag. When Gunnar’s microchip was identified, the Karl family were informed that their missing family dog had been found at last.

The family immediately went to meet Gunnar at the shelter and after nearly 2 years, Gunnar was finally reunited with his family. Gunnar greeted his family excitedly while his family petted and hugged him with joy. At long last, Gunnar was finally home.

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