Dog Searched For Her Owners For Days – But She Found Something Better


The dog was merely 6 years’ old when they moved..

Meet 6-year-old Cathleen, whose family had found a new home in Oklahoma City, but there was one problem – she wasn’t with them when they moved!

Not before long, they quickly packed up all their belongings and moved out of their house formerly located in Oklahoma, Florida. She was left all alone, with no one to care for her.

The Great Pyrenees mix had then been gifted to another neighbor who had lived about 20 miles away from her original family. However, Cathleen wasn’t happy there. According to the Seminole Humane Society, Cathleen was a formally well-loved dog but given away as they couldn’t keep her anymore.

The dog trekked all the way from Prague to Seminole to locate them two times, but was left heartbroken. She was picked up by staff working for the Seminole Animal Shelter, waiting to be adopted.

Cathleen was described as a friendly dog who’s very sweet, calm and docile. Cathleen also loves human attention, but may seem shy at first glance. To the shelter staff’s delight, adoption requests began pouring in shortly after her picture was posted on Facebook!

Cathleen has been adopted by a new family in Texas as of 12 January 2018. The post celebrating her adoption success was as follows: “CATHLEEN HAS A HOME. SHE WILL BE GOING TO TEXAS!! We want to thank all of you for your outpouring of support for this beautiful girl!

We had so many great applications for her and offers to come and get her from all over the US!! While we can’t notify everyone individually, we do want to say THANK YOU!!”

We wish you happiness, Cathleen – you deserve it.

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