Dog Resembling A Walking Skeleton Roamed The Streets And Hung Her Head In Shame

She walked with her head down, shameful of her appearance and it was a sad sight to witness.


All animals, including dogs, should be able to live their life to the fullest. Sadly, there are many strays that struggle to find food and water and many of them die of starvation. 

A dog on the streets of India resembled a walking skeleton and her skin was all covered in mange. Passersby were even scared of getting near her, let alone give her any food. 

Sadly, it was just a matter of days when she would die all alone. She would spend her days walking with her head down as though she was ashamed of the way she looked. 

Thankfully, someone compassionate took their time to contact animal services. It was then that Animal Aid came to her rescue. 

Her body was so sore and fragile that the rescuers had to use a blanket to take her to the vet’s. 

When she finally realized those people were there to help her, she started wagging her tail and lift her head up. 

After the thorough medical examination, the poor animal was given food and medications. She was now in the hands of professionals who were willing to do everything in their power to nurture her to health. 

The dog couldn’t believe she was given that much food. She probably hadn’t eaten in days, and she now had plenty of treats to munch on and it was the best feeling ever. 

She was given medicated baths to treat her mange and other meds for her infections. 

Just days after she was admitted at the shelter of Animal Aid, this dog started to heal. 

Amazingly, the dog they named Mary was able to recover completely. Looking at her now, we just can’t believe she’s the same dog that once walked with her head down in shame. 

As for now, she will spend her days in the sanctuary until someone special comes along her way and realizes she’s worth being part of their family. 

Not only Mary gets lots of love from the people who gave her new lease on life, but she gets to hang out with the rest of the furry animals from the sanctuary. 

Below is the video of the miraculous rescue. Make sure you watch it and share it with friends. 

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