Dog Rescuer Starts Crying When She Finds Deformed Puppy Wrapped In A Blanket

"She pressed her face against mine and tried to lick me."


Freddy is a tiny dog that melts hearts and shares joy around. Rescuers found her under a car and gave her a second chance for life despite all the challenges she faces every single day because of her deformities.

Once in the safe hands of the people who cared enough not to let her die, Freddy was turned into the rescue organization Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue from Tehachapi, California.

There, Freddy met the woman who made a change in her life and showers her with love ever since, Angela Adan.

Angela has devoted her life to saving dogs in need of help, and she always tends to stay strong for all the animals that cross her path, but the moment she saw Freddy she just couldn’t contain the tears from rolling down her face.

The story of these new best friends spread all around the Internet, and people praise Angela for being there for someone as special as Freddy.

Namely, this cutie pie has a variety of healthy issues including dental problems and lack of epiglottis in her throat. That is a structure that prevents fluids from getting into the lungs.

Freddy also has deformity in her front legs and her jaw which makes it difficult to eat properly.

But, despite all that, Freddy is always happy and thriving and Angela says she’s the cutest little dog out there.

The life story of Freddy is truly inspiring. Watch it in the video below and share it with your friends.

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