Dog Performs Happy Dance Upon Realizing He’s Been Adopted after 4 Long Years at Shelter

His only wish was to find a family who would love him in his final years.



Shelters are full of different animals that are waiting for someone to come along and get them out of there. Most of the poor souls who were abandoned or lived their life on the streets dream of finding a forever home. Unfortunately, not many senior cats and dogs get to experience the joy of being adopted as most people are looking for puppies and kitties to take home.

Dreadlock, a 10-year-old dog, has been a resident of the Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter in Thailand for four long years. When he first arrived there, his condition was pretty awful. He experienced pain because of the skin infection which resulted in a filthy and matted coat. You are already guessing how he got his name.

Dreadlock was described by the shelter staff as a senior dog who “loves his cuddles and his walks, but he is generally a placid, quiet, older dog, who doesn’t get excited about much.” But this was all about to change after the loving canine learned he was finally getting his forever home.

Darren, who is a volunteer, decided to give Dreadlock a second chance and let him spend the rest of the days surrounded with luxuries and love. Learning his lucky fate, Dreadlock gave his new owner and the shelter staff the happiest happy dance they’ve ever seen.

This really is a joyous moment and we are glad we got to see it. If only every dog gets their happy ending, this world would be a much better place!

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