Dog overwhelmed with joy when it sees her favourite chew toy in a life-sized version


Dogs are like babies, they have their favorite toys they won’t share with anyone around. This adorable golden retriever is no excuse. She likes her chew toy so much that she spends her days entertaining herself with the Gumby toy.

But Jolene’s owner, Emily Crisp, has a surprise the dog will never forget. Knowing how much the dog loves her toy, she decides to make her boyfriend wear a Gumby costume. When Ben, the boyfriend, enters the room, the dog is busy chewing the Gumby but at one moment she looks up, and notices the ‘giant’ toy. She can’t hide her excitement and she has the sweetest reaction ever.

Seeing the toy turning into real person makes Jolene go crazy. She gets rid of the small version and slowly heads towards the new, better ‘toy.’

She is staring at the Gumby and just can’t wait to get a closer look.

But what happened once the dog felt comfortable approaching the toy is the most adorable part of the whole story. She stands on her hind legs and gives Gumby a hug.

After Ben shared this adorable video on the social media he didn’t really expect for millions of people to watch it and say it’s hilarious. He and Emily are happy to give their dog the ultimate surprise, but they are also happy to make people smile.

You can watch the video below.

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