Dog Lost Family In Fire, Spread His Sad Story And Help Him Find A Home Before Christmas

This sweet dog lost his human and family and his dog siblings in a house fire. Please spread his story and help him find a new home!


Tank is a loving dog that faced a terrible tragedy and now the whole country feels for him and the lost lives of his family members and doggy siblings. A destructive fire struck his home and Tank was the only one to survive. The story was shared by the Humane Society of Amherst County, Virginia, who are now asking for help to find Tank a home before the holidays.

The cause of the fire remains unknown and Tank is completely devastated. He is described as very patient, loving, and caring and his rescuers are hoping someone will take him in and help him overcome his condition.

He has a hard time getting used around cats but loves hanging out with humans and other dogs, so if you think you are the person to welcome him in please contact the staff at the Humane Society of Amherst County or spread the story with your family and friends. That way, the chances of Tank finding a new family will get higher.

Update: Incredibly enough, Tank’s original owner came forward and took him in. The two used to live together in a trailer and Tank was given to the new family when his owner moved away to Lynchburg. We are happy Tank didn’t end up on the streets after everything he went through.

Below is the video of the touching reunion between Tank and his original owner.

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