Dog Locks Eyes With Bearded Man At Airport Creeping Up Slowly Until Familiar Scent Sets Him Off

At first the dog hadn’t paid any attention to the bearded man sitting alone at the airport, but when he got a whiff of a familiar scent the dog locked eyes with the man and made his way towards him forcing strangers to stop and stare when the dog suddenly pounced on the man making everyone’s eyes go wide.



In life, sometimes we cannot help but become forced to become away from the ones we love. Although these moments are very often inevitable and not by choice, whether it is due to work, school or some other reason. We are still lucky due to the fact that as humans, we have access to technology. But what about animals?

One would never want to imagine or how it must feel when families separate – what if our pets are separated from us for quite some time and we fail to contact them? Does your pet miss you as much as you miss them all the time when you are away? One particular soldier knows. He had just gotten back from military duty, and just found out that the longing from our pets is all too real. When he reunites with his beloved dog at an Oregon airport, it was an incredibly emotional moment.

In a video posted on ABC15 Arizona’s Facebook page, the scene starts by showing a dog and his owner, reuniting in the sweetest way. With the animal wagging his tail happily once he spots his master, who was a soldier just relieved from active duty. It was such a heart-melting moment for many around them, and the joy on the dog’s face was undescribable.

However, the dog did not instantly recognize his master as he was sitting alone in the airport. His owner was seated across from him but he did not look the same to the dog. The reason was that the soldier spotted a long beard back then, and was wearing a brimmed hat which covered his face. This could possibly be the reason why the dog did not automatically approach this owner even though they were close to each other at the airport.

Despite having a thick beard, the soldier’s dog eventually recognized his master because he picked up his scent! It was all thanks to the canine’s sense of smell – his master may look different, but his scent was all too familiar and precious to the dog.

Even physical changes could not stop this dog from identifying his owner. This loving dog quickly pounced excitedly on his owner and licked him all over, obviously excited to give him the warmest welcome back! Now that is a bond that is truly worth cherishing!

Their reunion was so heartfelt that even the people around them smiled and stopped to admire the emotional meeting. The pair are finally reunited together once more, and we could not be happier!

Watch the scene below!

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