Dog Living On Abandoned Property Finally Gets Help – See Her Transformation!


The dog lived there for 8 years..

For eight years, a dog named Violet had been living in a unkempt tent in Louisiana with ten other dogs. One by one, they all passed away, leaving her alone by herself in the dirty yard. All the dogs had been tied up and severely neglected, without hygiene, food or water. Violet was a strong dog, and survived the ordeal.

Violet was rescued by the Humane Society of the United States, who assumed she would be feral due to her surroundings. However, she was described as a “really sweet” dog. Ferried to the Louisiana SPCA, Violet was emaciated and weak – she had mange all over her hairless body. In addition, she was also diagnosed with progressive dental disease and heart worms.

Then 8 years’ old, Violet’s treatment was underway. Months passed, and her hair started growing back and her weight started to slowly go up within the healthy range.

After five months, Violet started to change bit by bit. Still timid but curious, she met a woman named Danielle Hanisee, an employee who had worked at the shelter for six years or so. Hanisee had recently lost her Pit Bull mix, and thus she decided to see if she could welcome another dog back into her life.

Violet’s connection with Hanisee was instant. To prepare her for the next step, Hanisee decided to foster Violet for a week. At first, Violet was frightened by new things, even cars and wooden floors frightened her. But Hanisee was patient.

Six months after being rescued, Violet and Hanisee are officially family. The happy dog loved to stick close to her mom for self-assurance, and even got along extremely well with her new owner’s cat!

Violet loved going to the local dog park. She was very curious, and loves to just sit on the front porch like a little nosy old lady. When they’re walking on the park trails, she simply wanted to follow every dog she sees.

Watch Violet’s amazing journey below!

The rescue and rehabilitation of Violet have touched many people, and I’m sure yours was, too!

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