This Dog Has Lived Her Whole Life On A Chain – Now Keep Your Eyes When They Come To Help


There are so many dogs, like Oreo, who live continuously chained up outside without any freedom of activity.

With all of these eager dogs in mind, an organization was built to help them live better lives.

Coalition to Unchain Dogs has a focused mission to give dogs better lives by proving free services like regular vaccinations, spay/neuter if needed, and even fences to surround them with safe space to roam freely. When they came Oreo and Mama’s way, the dogs’ reaction is almost too much to bear. They saw the two dogs and had compassion on them, knowing they needed a little TLC.

A sturdy fence was put up for the two of them so that they could play without being tied down. When Oreo and Mama were placed inside their new homes, they were so excited that they couldn’t stop buzzing around. Their tails were wagging, and they ran around with so much energy that the Coalition to Unchain Dogs team knew they had done their part to help out.

The organization feels strongly about raising awareness for better care for pets, but in a way that does not judge the pet owners. They help build that bond between pet and pet owner, inspiring others to do the same.

Seeing dogs like Oreo and Mama running and smiling and knowing that their mother Belinda has help looking after them, is a happy outcome for all!

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