Dog Left Behind By His Previous Owners Learns That Not All Humans Are Bad


The dog’s faith in humans was restored.

Two dogs had been left behind by their previous owners who had suddenly moved away but cruelly left them both to fend for themselves.

Six months had passed, and the story of the two caught the attention of local animal rescue organization, Hope For Paws, who was called in to help them.

The dogs were staying in a pit under the abandoned house and depended on daily scraps provided by the neighbors. When staff from the rescue got there, only Flash remained.

The other dog had been adopted by one of the neighborhood’s residents due to his friendly nature. However, Flash was the opposite – and no one dared to go near him.

The only way was to set a trap, but Flash evaded it the first time. Rescuers then blocked the entrance to his hiding spot and snared his leg before placing a leash around him. Flash panicked at first.

He was placed in the crate after a few reassuring pets on the head. He knew they wanted to help him, thus he calmed down. Flash soon settled in real quick, and aced his basic dog training. This helped prepare him for the next step – getting a forever home!

Thanks to Hope For Paws as well as Bark N’ Bitches, Flash has now found a lovely home and family to spend the rest of his life with!

Watch Flash’s story unfold below!

To help save more lives like Flash’s, please do consider donating to both Hope For Paws and Bark N’ Bitches!

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