Dog Laid Dying Stuck On Side Of Road, but Soon He Will Be Able to Put His Past Behind

Hopefully, the wounds on his body and heart would eventually heal.


Poor dog named Alex, after his rescuer, was spotted in a secluded area on the side of a road with its collar stuck to the branches. He was severely emaciated and dehydrated and didn’t have strength to fight for his life any longer.

When his savior found him, Alex’s body was covered in maggots and he was waiting to die.

Realizing the animal’s time was running out, the man contacted Feed Friends Foundation and asked them to come as soon as possible.

After taking him out of that sad and cold place, the volunteers of the organization found Alex a foster home. Alle Hadoc was there to embrace him and give him the love he was in so much need of.

Everyone was aware that the road to a full recovery would take a lot of time and patience but none has ever though of giving up on him.

In his new home, Alex befriended lots of other canines as well as kitties.

Luckily, Alex’s wounds as well as his heart healed and he’s now spending his days in his forever home with people who love him unconditionally.

Below is the whole video of Alex’s path of recovery, make sure you check it out.

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