Dog Hungry for Attention Wags Tail at Every Passerby, Hoping They’ll Set Him Free

All Pip ever wanted was to be loved, but his owners pretended he didn't exist.


Sadly, it’s not that rare for dogs who get adopted to end up being neglected by their owners. Giving them food and water isn’t enough for these animals with vibrant personalities who love experiencing human’s love and affection. It’s in their nature to get to run, take long walks, and be showered with attention, but not every dog gets what they deserve. Some, like Pip from our story, are unfortunate to be part of families that don’t have the time for them.

From the moment he was taken in by his family, Pip spent his days inside a crate in the yard. No one ever played with him, although he wanted that so badly.

Whenever he would see someone approaching, Pip wouldn’t stop wagging his tail. But to no avail. His enthusiasm and bubbly spirit weren’t enough for his owners to ever pet him or give him belly rubs.

Luckily, that was all about to change when PETA fieldworkers learned of Pip. They were determined to get him out of that place, and succeeded. Pip finally got the belly rubs he longed for.

In the next moment, Pip experienced what freedom felt like. He got out of the improvised backyard home and embarked on a new life adventure, one involving happy days ahead of him.

Just a few days after he was saved, Pip got adopted by a new family and is now the happiest dog on Earth.

You can take a look at his rescue and his new home in the video below.

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