Dog Discarded With The Trash Found Trying To Keep Warm On An Old Chair

Ollie's family moved away and left him behind.


He was left behind by his owners..

Terri Looby, a volunteer with the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) had gotten a tip about a dog-in-need. She spent her entire lunch break searching the neighborhood to locate the dog when she finally found him. She saw a pit-bull mix huddling against the broken-down recliner near a pile of trash, trying to gather as much warmth as he could get against the winter cold. The poor dog had obviously been left there by his former owners, tossed out like a piece of trash.

The dog lifted his head as soon as he saw Looby getting out of her car and wagged her tail when she approached him. As Looby brought him to safety, the dog licked her face to express his gratefulness. One neighbor had told Looby that he had actually seen the dog’s former owners return for a smaller dog and had left him there for about a week in the winter cold.

Looby named the dog “Ollie-Loo” and brought him back to the vet for a medical examination. At the vet, Ollie-Loo was found to be emaciated and had a broken femur, which showed that his former owners had sadly neglected him for some time. DAWG soon posted Ollie-Loo’s story on their Facebook page, which garnered numerous messages of support from netizens.

Ollie-Loo was soon brought to his first foster home where he has 2 other dogs to play and cuddle with. A You Caring page was later created to help fund Ollie-Loo’s surgery and after care, which garnered more than the goal of $2500. With immense support from the community and DAWG, Ollie-Loo is well on his way to recovery.

Ollie-Loo has his own happy ending at last. He has made a full recovery and has already found his forever home! His new family adores Oliie-Loo very much and spoils him rotten, and he deserves it!

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