Dog Gets Overly Excited when He Learns His Dad Adopted a Kitten

His reaction is so cute, it melted our hearts.


Imagine how great it would be if animals spoke using our language. Their behavior and their barking are many times more than enough for us to understand that they want to tell us they love us, but it still would be awesome if we could engage in conversations with them.

Photo: Youtube/Talking Animals

One dog owner told his pet, Clyde, how he got him an animal friend and the dog was so excited that the owner though he could do a voice-over. The final result? Beyond hilarious. This “conversation” has been seen more than 41 million times and people say how they can’t stop watching it. One person wrote “this never gets old” and we totally agree.

The talk starts with the owner telling Clyde how he visited the pet store that day and continues like this:

“Yeah I looked at the mice”

Photo: Youtube/Talking Animals

It’s awesome how much Clyde loves to have a cat sister. He just can’t contain his joy when he hears the new member of the family meowing.

This video is definitely going to make you laugh. Check it out below.

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