Dog Gets Loose and Runs Away, FedEx Driver Finds Her and Returns Her Home

It was one very special "delivery."


Catcher is a Golden Retriever who has never been outside all by herself, so when she got loose one day and left the house, her mom Lisa Menzies was left worried-sick for her safety.

What’s most, Lisa was out of town when the dog ran away and couldn’t look for her. She feared Catcher could get hit by a car or get stolen.

The family always keeps a close eye on Catcher, but this time it was one of the contractors who worked at Lisa’s home in Castle Pines, Colorado, who left the door open by mistake.

Sadly, Catcher saw that as an opportunity to embark on an adventure.

As time passed by, the family’s fears grew bigger and bigger because they had no idea where their furry baby could be. And then out of the blue Lisa got a message from the FedEx driver.

He had the best news Catcher’s humans could ever get. Their loving dog was found safe and sound and was about to get home again.

“I found your dog,” the driver’s message read. “The address on her tag is where I’m going to take her.”

Soon after, the big van pulled over and the kind driver could be seen carrying Catcher in his arms. He rang the bell and left her home. The whole thing was caught on the doorbell’s cam so when Lisa and the rest of the family got back home themselves they saw the lovely footage.

Honestly, the whole family agreed how this delivery was the most special they have ever got.

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