Dog Freezing and Shivering at a Bus Stop Rescued by Quick-Acting Transit Workers

The freezing dog was first spotted by a bus passenger.


The temperatures in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, fell pretty low this past week and one shivering dog that found itself on the streets though the bus stop would make a nice shelter for him. But the weather was so harsh that this poor dog would certainly die if the kind transit workers didn’t offer to save him.

Darren Szabo who works as a transportation service officer approached the freezing dog and did his best to keep him warm until rescue arrived. Soon enough, the volunteers of Regina Humane Society came at the scene to do their part of the mission of saving the dog.

Speaking to Global News, Szabo said, “It was hard. I knew with the extreme temperatures that a matter of minutes could make a difference between him losing the tips of his ears or his paws.”

The dog got scared when Szabo approached, but once he put his jacket over his trembling body, the animal calmed down. He could feel that man was there to offer help.

“He was just as scared as he was cold,” Szabo said. “If I got cold, I could always grab another jacket. This poor dog didn’t have that chance.”

Thankfully, Regina Humane Society took the dog and brought him home to his owners who were worried sick for his safety after he went missing.

“It was not common for the dog to be missing, so they noticed he was missing fairly quickly and phoned us,” Lindsay West, director of operations for the RHS said of the owners.

The dog didn’t suffer any injuries and was soon able to get warm in the comfort of his home.

Regina is a community where people take great care of each other and will never leave a person or an animal in need alone. Their Safe Bus Program lets people get assistance at any time, all they have to do is wave down a bus and it will stop.

“It’s important we reach out and help each other; whether it’s a small animal in need or a person in need.” said Szabo.

Along with the photo of the lost dog that Regina Transit shared, they wrote: “We indicated ‘everyone’ should be safe from the harsh elements of this cold snap, which includes our furry friends as well…Everyone stay safe and warm out there.”

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