Dog Found With Flies and Cockroaches Using Her Fur as a Nest

She was neglected to the extent that flies and cockroaches made nests in her fur.


When we speak of animal neglect we often think of pets that are not given regular baths and food. Sadly, in many cases this goes way beyond that.


The life of a Shih Tzu named Sury revolved around trying to get rid of all the flies and cockroaches that settled in her fur and used it as a nest. Yes, she was filthy and neglected to that extent when she was found by her rescuers.

No one was aware of how sweet this dog really was because her face was all covered in matted fur and her eyes couldn’t be even seen. Luckily, that was all to change once Sury was in the hands of the volunteers from Jasper County Animal Rescue. 

Based on her looks, the rescuers assumed she was around 10 years old.

Her owner, who obviously didn’t want to take care of her any longer decided to place her in front of the shelter. Her crate was dirty and there was some moldy food inside.

What this dog had to go through while in the hands of the cruel person who neglected her is unimaginable. Her rescuers said how she was a brave dog who managed to survive her ordeal so they named her Sury, short of Survival.

Before they even got the chance to check on Sury’s overall health condition, the rescuers had to groom her. And as you assume already, that took many hours and a lot of patience to be done.

After they got rid of her matted fur, the volunteers posted some before and after photos of Sury and the transformation is just incredible. Who would have thought she’s that same filthy dog.

The best part about Sury is that she never stopped trusting people. What’s most, she loves being around humans.

Sury’s story is just a reminder of what love can do. We are so happy for her.

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