Dog found roaming streets with horrible disease, woman takes a chance when no one else would

Would you hep this dog?


We love animals it says so in our website name, and we are heartbroken when we have to report on stories that tell of animals that have been neglected or worse yet tortured.

What allows people to think that this is ‘OK’? How can others just walk past animals left to fend for themselves?

This dog in Mexico City was the perfect example of this.  He was in terrible shape but rescuers showed up in the nick of time and helped this poor thing.  

Stray animals roam the streets of Mexico City by the dozen, this dog caught our attention he was covered in tumors and to weak to stand.

It was clear this dog need to get help soon or he would die.  When Dalia, an animal rights activist found the dog she brought it to the her local animal shelter.

She gave him the name Boby. Doctors at the shelter recommended chemotherapy for Boby, it was going to be aggressive and they weren’t sure he would survive.  Not only did Boby survive but before long he had brand new shiny fur.

Boby quickly became a local celebrity and found a foster home in record time.  Dalia wasn’t quite ready to let him go but she knew Boby had found a loving home.

Boby is a living the good life now and his family loves him very much.  SHARE this story with an animal lover in your life that would have saved him too!



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