Dog Found Lying In A Puddle Unable To Move An Inch

Liberty needs our thoughts and prayers as her fight is far from over ❤️


The weather was terrible and everyone was in a rush to hide from the pouring rain when a woman named Carina noticed a helpless dog laying in a puddle in the middle of the road.

The poor creature could be heard crying as she was in excruciating pain. One of her hind legs was hurt and swollen which totally restricted her movements.

Carina knew she couldn’t just let the poor soul there so she got out of her vehicle and wrapped the dog in a blanket. The animal was in a desperate need of medical help so Carina brought her to the nearest vet clinic.

The dog whom they named Liberty was in a very bad health condition. Her body temperature was very low and she was unable to eat or drink. Her eye was also hurt and she was totally confused of what was happening.

At the time being, Liberty is in the process of recovery and thriving, but she’s got a long road ahead of her. Hopefully, the love and the meds she’s getting every day will help her heal completely.

We send our prayers and we hope she will find her happy ending with a loving family some day.

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