Dog Dumped In Park Helplessly Gazed Out Of Gate, Hoping Someone Would Hear His Cries For Help

The neighbors had given him to eat, but he was in need of more than just food.


A tiny and helpless dog was abandoned by his family a couple of years ago and witnesses say that he hadn’t left the park where he was dumped all these years, but now, he found a refugee in someone’s yard.

The neighbors who had noticed the animal running around the place in the last three weeks left him food and water, but they were aware his overall condition was poor and he needed medical help so they contacted Hope For Paws and asked them to step in and help.

When they arrived, the volunteers from the organization noticed the dog doing what they were told he did all the time, and that was helplessly gazing out of the gate.

To their surprise, the dog was friendly and somehow knew that they weren’t there to harm him in any way. So, he approached closer to inspect them.

The sweet soul got the name Gossamer and his rescue from that yard was the first step towards his new life.

Gossamer’s matted fur was shaved off and he was given a nice and warm bath. Believe it or not, he now resembles a completely new dog. Besides his lovely looks, he’s way happier too.

The neighbors and the volunteers from Hope For Paws did their part of the job and it’s now up to kind humans to welcome Gossamer into their life and give him a loving forever home.

If you believe that you or someone you know is the right human for sweet Gossamer, please contact the staff at Doggie Bonez at

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